Houndstooth & Soda By Tweed

from Canopy Growth Corporation
4.1 out of 5 stars4.1
Clear, sparling Houndstoogh & Soda poured into a glass



While it looks like sparkling water, it actually has a fairly robust mouthfeel. This gives you a sense of drinking something substantial. similar to the feel of a bubbly beer.

The flavour is modest. Herbal. You have the sense it came from a plant, but it’s not obvious the plant was cannabis. Subtle citrus undertones are also present.

While I wouldn’t buy for the taste, it wouldn’t stop me from buying it either. It’s fine. It’s neutral enough that you can add your own flavouring if desired.


The feeling is 100% cerebral. May induce a floaty head sensation. A bubbly, upbeat happy high. Conducive to a state of naive wide eyed wonder and sociability. In some ways the I feel the experience was designed to work as an alcohol substitute. It reminds me a little of the better aspects of being tipsy.

Typically I avoid edible cannabis due to the unpredictable onset times and lengthy duration of effects. However, fast onset times, similar to alcohol, is what Canopy Growth Corporation has been promising for their Tweed beverages

“Canopy Growth’s beverages have been developed to provide the serving sizes and onset times that consumers experience with other beverage formats.”

Unfortunately, our experiences were a little mixed in this regard. I felt initial effects after just 5 minutes, full effects after 20 minutes, and felt mostly normal again around an 1 hour after I had finished my drink. In Contrast, it was 20 minutes before my wife felt initial effects, and 1.5 hours before she felt the full effects. A full hour after she had finished her drink.

When vaping or smoking, I’m personally aiming for a dose somewhere between 1-4mg of THC entering my body. So I anticipated one can of Houndstooth & Soda, at 2mg thc per can, would provide me with a familiar and satisfying experience. It did. Sipping it slowly over 45 minutes gave me a mild to medium buzz.


For some, it may offer a convenient way to enjoy cannabis in situations where a longer lasting intense high is less desirable.

The type of buzz is a little different than I normally expect from flower. I’d be excited to drink these instead of alcohol in social settings where friends are family are having a drink together. It feels like the intention was to design a product that could easily function as an alcohol replacement.

Adjusting the rate at which you drink allows for lots of control over the experience…as long as your body is able to experience a fast onset time with this product.

While the nanoemulsion technology Tweed has employed might result it a fast onset, it seems this isn’t guaranteed at this point. As a solution to unreliable onset times in edibles was my main draw to this product, I can’t say I was completly impressed. I’m only somewhat impressed.

I’m interested to hear from you in the comments regarding the onset time you’ve experienced with tweed drinks.

Smiley’s Log

Stone Date: April 28th 2020
Dose: 2mg can

I’ve never been a fan of carbonation. So I poured out my can in advance to allow it to flatten. I did take 1 sip at this point to get a sense of what it’s like in its intended form.

Feels like a beer. Get almost a kind of oily texture from it. Not great, but innocuous enough.

I can actually feel a little something. Nothing to write home about, but I was surprised one sip would be noticeable at all. Not what I would call high, but gently altered.

Progressed into a light, but more mentally floaty head high. Cooking dinner. I think the smell of shallots may accentuate the intensity level of the feeling.

Slightest notion of dissociation from body. Like I’m an observer watching my body chop stuff.

Dinner ready. Closer to baseline again, but faint glow remains.

Started to drink the rest of the glass. My wife started her own freshly opened can.

More flavour than Club Soda, but wife decided to add elderflower drops. Has a subtle plantyness to it.

A few sips in I’m already feeling it starting to kick in.

Smiley. Tingly around the forehead. Less than half way through. Wife not really feeling it yet and has drunk a little more than me. Just a lightness behind her eyes.

Watched Absurd Planet. Animals were cool. Show is dumb. Tripped out on the centipede legs.

Finished our drinks. I maintained a similar level, but may feel a little heavier in the head.

Light buzz with a sense of awe like wonder. Watching Black Mirror Striking Vipers.

Wife feeling physical sensation a bit like helium in her temple. Thinks the drink could be interesting for socializing in a bar like setting.

Stopped the show for both of us to pee.

Wife started telling me about how when she was in South Africa years ago something they called ‘pollen’ was considered the purest form of cannabis. Neither of us new exactly what that was so we tried to figure it out. According to National Geographic it’s just high grade hash. Somehow that led us to this video about hash making in Afghanistan. Watching that dude make hash was pretty monotonous, but I was digging the tunes. Going back to Black Mirror now.

Probably hit a 3-4 out of 10 in terms of level of highness.

Traces remaining for me, but very faded. Wife says she’s finally definitely stoned now. Around a 4.

Enjoyed the show. Raises an interesting question about what’s acceptable to do with friends in the digital realm versus the physical world, and the trade-offs we make between our digital and physical relationships.

Wife said she went to sleep easy. But she was a little groggy in the morning and had more trouble than usual getting out of bed. I didn’t have much trouble falling asleep either. I’m feeling somewhat tired, but I had a little less than 8 hours as I woke up when the kid woke up.

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